Our Story – Vagabond Apparel Boutique

After losing her corporate retail job in the summer of 2013, Elizabeth took this as a sign from God that it was time to pursue her lifelong dream of owning her own boutique. After a year of market research and setting up her business model, Vagabond Apparel Boutique opened in summer of 2014 in North Palm Beach, Florida.

The name Vagabond Apparel comes from Elizabeth’s love for traveling and exploring new places and that each person’s style is unique and original to themselves.  The Vagabond lifestyle encompasses traveling, taking risks, immersing oneself in new experiences and cultures, finding the newest local restaurants and experiencing life to the fullest.

With the doors to Vagabond Apparel opened, Elizabeth worked 7 days a week in the early days and with the support of her friends and family was able to make her dreams a reality. The store grew over the months due to Elizabeth’s relationships in the community she had built from previous jobs and word of mouth. Grass roots marketing, building relationships with customers, hiring the right people, fun events, a consistent presence on social media, constant innovation and pushing for greatness is what has made Vagabond Apparel a success.

After five years in North Palm Beach, it was time for a move! Elizabeth took a leap of faith and moved Vagabond Apparel to a larger space, in a higher traffic plaza, at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in 2019.

Even though the store moved right before the Pandemic, God had his hand on the business and though the times were uncertain, God provided. Our customers, really rallied behind us and supported us in those scary months. We got creative with home shopping, online warehouse sales and curated shopping experiences. It only made us stronger and more resilient.

We are excited for what the years to come will bring. Vagabond Apparel has evolved over the years because we listen to what our customers want, from expanding our Kids section to bringing in new brands. Vagabond Apparel has supported local artisans from day one and will continue to do our part in supporting our local community.  We truly believe in shopping and supporting local. We love that we get to know our customers on a personal level and are able to meet their fashion needs!